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100 Harris Street

Sydney, 2009


ABN: 44 611 475 006

ACN: 611 475 006

Welcome to our video page

Get to know us and enjoy some of the tips we give utilising our many years of experience as IT Professionals and Recruiters 

Your interview questions, Answered.

"Tell me about any ideas or processes that you have implemented in your job"

"Have you ever suggested a new way to improve your team/projects performance?"

"Tell me about a complex problem you have solved. Walk me through the process you took"

"How do you go about allocating work for your staff? Can you give me an example?"

"Tell me about a time when you have provided coaching to one of your staff?"

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Download Our Interview Guide Here:

A Coffee with White Bay

A small series giving our insight into the overall hiring process to be utilised by both candidates and hiring managers


The Intro

We will be adding a new video every few weeks with tips and advice for both candidates and clients in the Australian marketplace.

The Resume

An insight into the candidate side of the resume content and creation.  When you are next updating your resume hopefully these tips and advice will be valuable.

How to create JD, Interview and Onboard

This video is for hiring managers and smaller businesses wanting to improve their hiring process. We cover: Job Description Creation, Interview Techniques, Interview Questions Onboarding tips and "The Candidate Experience". 

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Just having fun.......

The Mysterious Life of Developers

This honest portrayal of the life of a developer got our whole office chuckling.

Christmas Mean Tweets

When it comes to mean tweets, no one can touch the Jimmy Kimmel show but that doesn’t mean we could not give it a try. We embraced the Trolls whilst at StartCon in Sydney by reading out some of the "constructive feedback" given to the tech recruitment industry on Twitter.


Video Job Ads, Its the Future!

When Techy's become Recruiters suddenly everything gets nerdier.......We are always looking for DevOp's engineers in Sydney.  Currently, we have 7 live vacancies.

What we are watching

Hot Ones

If you have not seen this youtube series, you are in for a treat.  Here is one of our favorites.

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